Reducing Hospitalizations for Complex Older Adults

Frequent personalized care is proven to reduce hospitalizations

Personal Prevention CareTM :

First Integrated Preventive Care Solution to Include Nurse Practitioner, Remote Monitoring and Pharmacists

Medicare has established that additional preventative care for patients with two or more chronic conditions improves outcomes, reduces hospitalizations and lowers costs of care. Embrace’s Personal Prevention Care is an integrated suite that provides the staff and systems to deliver these services integrated with geriatric pharmacists that focuses on medication adherence. When combined with regular office visits, these preventive services provide the patient with regular, consistent and comprehensive care focused on getting the patient to take healthy actions after they leave the physician’s office.


Adding preventive services to your practice is a no cost way to extend your practice, generate additional margin and keep your patients healthier between visits.

Health Plans

When Embrace works with your plan, you benefit because Personal Prevention Care keeps your plan members healthier and out of the hospital and helps providers implement value-based care.  

Health Systems

When Embrace works with your system, you benefit because Personal Prevention Care is an integrated set of healthcare services designed to improve patient outcomes.