Personal Prevention CareTM

Healthier patients have fewer acute situations

Integrate Personal Prevention CareTM into Your Practice

Personal Prevention Care is a suite of services that helps the physician address the needs of the whole patient between office visits, keeping older adults with chronic conditions out of the hospital and independent.

Personal Prevention CareTM

Keeping Your Patients Healthier Between Appointments

When you partner with Embrace, your patient receives the benefits of comprehensive and integrated care provided by a dedicated local nurse practitioners. Our nurse practitioners develop and implement personalized care plan under your direction. They build lasting relationships with patients through frequent telehealth appointments  to maintain and improve health between office visits.

Our geriatric pharmacists are devoted to the care of complex patients and provide medication management to ensure adherence. When necessary, we also provide remote monitoring devices to track key health indicators and identify situations that require real-time intervention.

Personal Prevention Care ensures your patient gets the best care possible between office visits by extending your care into the home.

Local Nurse Practitioners

Experienced geriatric nurse practitioners local to the patient extend care beyond your office and into the home. Coordinated communication keeps the patient on the care plan you approve and updates your EHR so you continue to work in the way you are comfortable.

Geriatric Pharmacists

Medication adherence is critical in the management of chronic conditions. Embrace pharmacists exclusively work with older adults with chronic conditions.
Monitoring & Recording Vitals

If you request, Embrace can provide different in-home monitoring options to help keep track of key health indicators. This monitoring determines a baseline and can provide early warning of emergent situations to enable early intervention.

Prevention Care Platform

The foundation of Personal Prevention Care is our prevention care platform. It combines a clinical knowledge base, a patient expert system and communication tools that help our nurses focus on the right healthy actions to help each patient achieve their health goals.

Local Nurse Practitioners

Helping Your Patient Achieve Your Goals

Our nurse practitioners specialize in geriatric care. As an extension of your practice, they are responsible for helping your patients achieve the goals you define for each patient through frequent telehealth calls. They use their knowledge and exclusive Embrace systems to provide guidance and care to keep your patients healthy between visits.

Embrace nurses motivate and encourage your patients to follow their prevention care plan and achieve their health goals, providing support and education that make success more likely than your patient doing it on their own.

Our nurses coordinate care and provide extensive communication with the other members of the care team.

By ensuring that contacts with your patients are appropriately documented and that key health indicators are recorded, your ability to diagnose and treat the patient is enhanced. This coordination of care improves outcomes because everyone is working from the best, most up-to-date information.

Let our trained nurses extend your reach and execute your care plans to keep your patients healthier between office visits.

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Geriatric Pharmacists

Maintaining Adherence to Keep Patients Healthier

For patients with multiple chronic conditions, taking medications as prescribed is usually the largest single determinant in maintaining good health. Embrace’s geriatric pharmacists ensure adherence.

Embrace’s pharmacists are dedicated to older adults with chronic conditions. They are experts in the field of geriatric pharmacology. We’re available to advise you and your staff and also handle patient discussions on medication efficacy and side effects We notify your office in the event that changes to the patients drug regimen are indicated.

Our nurse practitioners reviews medication adherence with your patient, and helps identify any issues and barriers causing them.

During times of transition to and from the hospital, our nurse practitioners make certain that all parties are provided with the most up to date medication lists. Most importantly, we update your EMR when changes occur to ensure you always have the latest reconciled prescription list.

Embrace’s geriatric pharmacists make certain that older adults get the full benefits from their medications.

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Monitoring and Recording

More Comprehensive Information Enables Improved Diagnosis and Treatment

When Embrace monitors and records your patient’s health indicators between office visits you can more accurately assess your patient’s progress and status for better care.

By monitoring key health indicators, your patient’s nurse practitioner determines baselines and any variances, which allows you to make quicker adjustments to their care plan and medications when needed. If the patient’s monitoring device shows measurements outside individualized norms, our staff is alerted and intervenes. Your office is promptly notified when appropriate. 

Embrace provides all the hardware and software and helps the patient set up and use the system. Each of these solutions is designed to meet the patient at their clinical and technical ability level.

Prevention Care Platform

Delivers Best Possible Patient Outcomes

Managing one chronic condition is difficult enough for patients. When presented with multiple goals and guidelines, patients with complex needs can quickly be overwhelmed. Embrace’s Prevention Care Platform simplifies this problem by developing personal care plans with prioritized and manageable goals which will have the most impact in the near term.

Your personalized care plan for your patient is augmented with pharmacological and psychological information by our prevention care platform. This detailed plan is then implemented by our nurses in measurable and achievable steps.

Your patient’s progress is tracked by the clinical knowledge base, and that progress is reported back to your practice and documented in your EMR by the platform’s communication tools. This ensures that you always have the most up to date status.

The prevention care platform continuously updates the ‘next best goals’ based upon our patient expert system using the latest geriatric care research, so that nurses and patients are always working on those areas which have the greatest impact on health.

Embrace’s prevention care platform ensures that patients are following a personalized care plan that is constantly updated based upon the best available information and current health status.

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