Increased Margin

Embrace builds new margin with no added expense

How Embrace Increases Practice Profitability​

When you provide Personal Prevention Care to your patients, your practice benefits with new margin. Your margin increases because you are billing CPT codes for new preventive services provided by Embrace nurse practitioners and keeping a portion of the reimbursements. Adding Embrace systems and personnel to your team helps your practice attain higher MIPS ratings which increases your payments for medicare reimbursed services you provide. Your practice reputation improves because your patients are healthier and have more frequent interactions with your expanded care team.

Increasing Profitability

No Staff or Costs​

Personal Prevention Care is administered by Embrace staff working at your direction. You benefit because you don’t have the expenses of additional staff and training. ​

Improved MIPS

Embrace’s interactions with your patients improves your Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) ratings, which increase your reimbursements for all treatments billed under Medicare.

Preventive Services Revenues

When your practice deploys Personal Prevention Care with your patients, you are eligible to bill additional CPT codes. This added revenue is even more important during the recent loss of practice revenues due to the pandemic. ​

Improving Practice Reputation ​

Improved Patient Satisfaction​

Because your patients are making progress towards their health goals and remaining independent, they will recommend your practice to family and friends. This positive ‘word-of -mouth’ brings in additional patients and reduces the numbers of patients lost to other practices. ​

Better Transitional Care​

Embrace’s nurses work closely with your patient, their loved ones and other institutions during periods of health instability, ensuring that transitions are handled appropriately and with care.

Coordinated Communication​

Complex patients often have multiple health professionals including primary care and specialty practitioners. In addition, family members may also be part of the care team. Coordinating and making sure that all parties are notified in a timely and complete manner ensures better care, improving practice reputation. ​